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17440 FM 529 Houston, TX 77095

Power Z Fit’s Houston ZUMBA®

class is the absolute most fun way to burn 600+ calories per hour!


“Check Out My New Body!!”

“I lost 29 Pounds In Only 4 Months…I Look Better Than I Did 5 Years Ago “

Come to Power Z Fit in Houston to  workout,

have fun, and learn how to dance.

You will train 6 days a week, even twice a day if you can or want.

  • Power Z Fit Houston offers zumba® classes in the mornings and evenings.

  • Our Zumba classes are designed based on Interval Training by far, the Best way to burn fat!

  • Power Z Fit’s Houston ZUMBA classes are smaller than what you will find at huge commercial fitness gyms.

  • You enjoy easy access to the instructor and learn how to do the workout correctly.

  • Each Classes insure the highest quality instruction available to our students. 


For all those reasons and more Power Z Fit is The Best Zumba®

facility in Houston!.

“Look At What USED TO Be My Belt!!!”

Many of our members also enjoy combining ZUMBA in Houston Classes with our Zumba Toning and Zumba Sentao Programs for an additional fun and effective workout!

Top 6 Reasons Why We Succeed And Others Fail…

  1. BORING!!  Let’s face it, doing the same old same old workout is boring. At Power Z Fit Houston, EVERY workout is different, every playlist is different, and our coaches are constantly educating themselves on fresh choreography to make the classes exciting for our members. You will have so much fun you will forget you are working out!

  2. EGO!  The are a ton of instructors out there and many of them are talented dancers, but MOST of them have one major problem. That is that they are DIVAS! They are more interested in showing off how awesome they are than helping their students reach their goals. Our staff is specially trained to make every Zumba class for YOU and to help YOU be the best YOU can be!

  3. TEAMWORK! One of the most common reasons people fail is because they do not have enough leadership and guidance from their instructor. A typical  Zumba class at another gym would involve showing up and doing your lesson, not a lot of interaction with other members or the instructor….leaving you feeling like you are alone on your journey to a better you. At Power Z Fit Houston, we know that from DAY ONE you are part of OUR TEAM! We are here to mentor you and guide you through the process. We pledge to stay on top of you and make sure that you are constantly progressing toward your goals.

  4. BIG HEALTH CLUB FAILURE! Did you know that 85% of people who join a big health club stop going within the first 3 weeks? That is SHOCKING, BUT TRUE! Their entire business model is constructed around the idea that they do not believe in you. They are betting that you do not have the will power to stick with it and quit. Stop and think about it for a second….What would happen if every member of a big health club showed up to work out at the same time? IT WOULD BE TOTAL CHAOS!! But, of course, they are not worried about it because they know FOR A FACT that their members will not show up for the classes that they are paying for.

  5. WINNING RETENTION TECHNIQUES! Unlike the big health clubs, we are proud to say that our POWER Z FIT members have a 94% SUCCESS RATE! How is this possible? Simply because it is our mission to get you to come to class. We REALLY want you there! We REALLY want to help you! We REALLY pledge to do what it takes to keep you on track and feeling great!

  6. NOT A GIMMICK!  Our Zumba program is not some kind of trick or scam. We make no false claims or promises about the results that you can get in our system. We know that it will be a challenge. It will take discipline, hard work, and commitment from you and the instructors. We realize that we are in this together and we believe YOU can be a winner when you become part of our program. Take a look at some of our testimonials from our girls who have succeeded in our classes! 

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